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About Ingenico Engineering Solutions

 Ingenico Engineering Solutions was started in 1989 by Shaughn Kornau, and was then known as Drill Bush Engineering & Supplies.

Our focus was on manufacturing precision tooling and Drill Bushes as well as General Manufacturing & Design.

What we do

 We specialise in high volume, precision engineering as well as Small quantities and can manufacture from a sample, from drawings or can do 2D or 3D drawings on request.

Materials that we work with are Aluminium, Stainless (all grades), plastics, Mild Steel and Special Steel & High Tensile Steels.

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Our Vision

To satisfy the customer’s needs, requirements  whether it’s Design / Manufacture or Prototyping etc…

We strive to keep within the time frame’s required to the best of our ability,& look forward to further business relations.

We take pride in our workmanship, and have confidence in our abilities to satisfy our customer’s needs.

We believe in Quality, efficiency and reliability & strive to keep to these.

We are always looking for more projects and business within our capabilities.

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